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by Catalina Howell 8 min read

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Drama Kids’ extensive and comprehensive curriculum was designed by educators and is the result of more than 35 years of experience and continuous development. While kids are learning and developing new creative thinking styles and skills, they are also developing other important life skills, including public speaking.

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What is creative drama?

Creative drama is an improvisational, non-exhibitional, process-oriented kind of drama and participants are guided by a leader to imagine, enact, and reflect on their experiences real and imagined.

Is creative drama used in education?

Creative drama is adopted easily in many different fields. Creative drama is used mainly in formal and non-formal education as well. Creative drama not only used with these but also it is used with theatre and different sector which comes daily life. Because creative drama has many different kind of activities/games/methods/techniqs. But it should be very careful during adopting activities/games/methods/techniqs since is going to have well-qualified learning process.

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Little frogs everywhere! It's always so much fun when Drama Kids embrace their creativity and come to class ready to play the part even down to their outfit. We're missing these #dramakids #classphotos #littleactors #flashback