cornersville high school parent portal

by Maeve Stanton MD 3 min read

How do I update student information in the parent portal?

Yearly student information updates are done in the Parent Portal. Please update contact information and phone numbers for students. If you need to make an address change, you must take your address proofs to the school and they will approve the address. School registration is to be completed at your student's zone school.

How do I access the parent portal?

This parent portal is fully integrated with our student management system, eSchooldata. Parents will have access to electronic versions of the most recent report card as well as current gradebook information. In order to access the parent portal please complete the following steps: Check the internet browser that you are using.

What web browser do I need to use parent portal?

Please note: The use of FireFox or Google Chrome web browser is needed in order for Parent Portal to function properly. Click here to create a parent portal account or ADD A STUDENT.


Welcome to the Clayton A. Bouton High School and Voorheesville Middle School Parent Portal homepage

The Clayton A. Bouton High School and Vooheesville Middle School are pleased to offer to parents access to student information through an online portal. The objective of this effort is to increase student success by increasing the level and quality of communication between parents and teachers.

Navigation Tips

After you first login you will be directed to a page that shows the students associated with the login account as well as school announcements and a log of the account activity. Click on a student’s name to view their records.