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by Savannah Gleichner PhD 6 min read

Why choose compass early learning and care?

At Compass Early Learning and Care your child will spend each day in an engaging environment carefully planned by our qualified educators. Through observing and engaging with each child, our educators create an environment that builds on your child’s knowledge of the world.

What is the parental compass?

The Parental Compass was launched by Family Education & Support Services to provide all parents with access to the evidence-based parenting information, ideas and on-the-ground resources. It is our goal to help parents build the skills, tools and confidence they need to be the best parents they can be.

Why work at Compass ELC?

At Compass ELC you will work as a Registered Early Childhood Educator alongside some of the most passionate, caring and dedicated educators in the industry. You will spend your time engaging, connecting and learning alongside children, families and co-educators.

What is the goal of compass?

We have the goal to be as inclusive as possible. Meaning we want children of all abilities to join our family. At Compass we are a group care based center and maintain ratios that may not be able to care for children who need more one on one care.


Available anytime, anywhere for multi-tasking parents

As a parent or carer (we see you!) you have a lot on your plate. Our iOS and Android apps make parenting easier.

Perfectly paperless with everything online

Everything is moving now online these days, why not school processes? Never worry about misplacing a note, report or permission slip again.

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Access student information on the go with the Compass mobile app for iPhone & Android phones.

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If you are interested in a career opportunity with Compass Early Learning and Care please complete the online application form or Contact Us.

Current Job Opportunities

We are currently accepting applications for Supply Educators in all of our regions. If you are interested please submit your cover letter and resume to

Can Compass help with group care?

Group care may not be the right fit for your family but sometimes caregivers are ill, take vacations or need help so that they can go to an appointment or meeting. If this feels familiar to you, you can rest assured that Compass may be able to help out.

Can I learn at home?

Yes! We believe that learning at home is one of the best ways for children to grow. Your family may not need a full-time schedule, if that's the case, a part-time schedule may be perfect for you. Part-time schedules are consistent and follow the same schedule week after week.

What is a parental compass?

The Parental Compass was launched by Family Education & Support Services to provide all parents with access to the evidence-based parenting information, ideas and on-the-ground resources.

What is the worst season for child injuries?

Summer is the worst season of the year for child injuries. Pediatrician, Dr. Helen Chea joins The Compass to discuss how child injuries happen, some facts you wouldn't know, and how to prevent them!

What is childcare center?

A childcare center is one of the first places your daughter or son develops as a person. The question is how can you tell if they are receiving quality care?

What episode of The Impact of Music is Jennifer Hermann in?

The Impact of Music (Guest Jennifer Hermann) Episode 38. June 9, 2021. Jennifer Hermann (former music teacher and Executive Director of the Olympia Symphony) discusses the influence music can have on a young person's brain development, community and perspective.

Who is Luke Burns?

Luke Burns, has employed thousands of young people across his career. He joins the Compass to discuss helping youth find their passion, build confidence develop the work experience they need to move forward.

Who is Lynn Price?

Lynn Price is the founder of "Camp to Belong" and has dedicated her life helping siblings in foster care stay connected. She joins the Compass to discuss sibling rivalry, playing favorites and why conflict can actually be a positive.

Who is Bret Anderson?

Bret Anderson has been a principal and teacher who has taught across the world. He joins the compass to discuss: - How to help your children with their homework when you don't know the answers. - What to do when a child is misbehaving in class. - The parent/ teacher relationship.