chaska high school parent portal

by Prof. Sage Kozey DDS 10 min read

We Are Exceptional Personalized Learning

Our students are given the power to shape their education, supported by high academic standards and guided by caring and knowledgeable staff. Personalized learning created learners who are motivated and excited about coming to school.

Happening at Eastern Carver

Our weather can change quickly this time of year. In the event of a weather-related school closing or late start/early release, parents will be contacted as soon as possible by email and/or phone.

Purposeful Learning

Teachers in Eastern Carver County Schools not only lead instruction but also facilitate learning for each student. They teach by guiding students towards mastery of content and instilling 21st century skills.

Engagement with Learning Tools

With teachers as facilitators, students use a variety of educational tools and resources to maximize learning. Our goal is to prepare students for success beyond high school, wherever their aspirations take them.

Collaborative Environment

We are redefining learning spaces with a variety of furniture, layouts and technology that facilitate collaboration, creativity, comfort, and safety.

Learner Voice & Choice

Students have the freedom to design the way they showcase their learning based on individual styles, experiences, passions, and needs. Respected as capable co-designers, learner agency is cultivated throughout all learning.