ccdf parent portal

by Hobart Cartwright Sr. 4 min read

What is the Child Care Development Fund (CCDF)?

All families deserve to have access to the same opportunities. The Child Care Development Fund (CCDF) program is designed to ensure that low-income families in Indiana have equal access to child care and educational opportunities.

What is the Indiana CCDF Family Services website?

This website was developed to offer hands on, user friendly information to Indiana families who receive CCDF services.

What is the parent portal and how do I use it?

The Parent Portal allows parents to view their child’s schedule (grades 6 to 12 only) , live attendance (Absences and Tardies only) and grade book assignments; as well as view and print report card grades and interim reports Already have an account? Login | Mobile Login

Can a primary cardholder login to the parent/guardian web portal?

Child Care Providers are not authorized to log in to Parent/Guardian Web Portal using primary cardholder login credentials. To create a new account, enter the primary cardholder's 5-digit mailing ZIP Code, Date of Birth, 16-digit Primary Cardholder's Card Number, and Card PIN, a User ID of your choice and a Password of your choice.


What is CCDF policy database?

The CCDF Policies Database is a comprehensive, up-to-date database of child care subsidy policies for the 56 CCDF state and territory grantees. The policies captured in the database are collected primarily from the states’ caseworker policy manuals and include families’ initial and ongoing eligibility and application requirements, copayment information, provider policies, reimbursement rates, and several other categories of information.

What are CCDF reports?

CCDF grantees are required to submit a variety of reports to ACF. These reports are used to determine compliance with spending requirements, count how many children are being served, measure improper payments, and see what grantees have planned for the program over the next three years. This page includes reporting guidelines and copies of the reports for all required CCDF reports.

What is ECTTAS in CCDF?

The Early Childhood Training and Technical Assistance System (ECTTAS) brings together resources from the Office of Child Care (OCC), the Office of Head Start, and their health partners to offer CCDF Administrators and their stakeholders information, tools, training, and other supports.

What is the CCDBG?

The Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) Act is the law that, along with Section 418 of the Social Security Act, authorizes the federal child care subsidy program known as the Child Care and Development Fund. There are several tools. Visit disclaimer page.

What is Child Care Data Explorer?

The Child Care Data Explorer and State Profiles can be used to search for data on various early care and education topics, including demographic information , program participation and funding, professional development and workforce initiatives.

What is research connection in child care?

Child Care and Early Education “Research Connections” promotes high-quality research in child care and early education and the use of that research in policymaking. Through this website, Research Connections offers research and data resources for researchers, policymakers, practitioners, and others.

What is the purpose of CCDF?

Department of Health and Human Services to amend the Child Care and Development Block Grant. The purpose of the CCDF program is to have one single, integrated child care funding system to assist low-income families through subsidized child care and to increase the availability and quality of child care services.

How many hours a day does CCDF provide child care?

licensed provider may decide to offer child care services 24-hours a day. CCDF children are to be assigned, according to their service need, to one of two 12-hour shifts (6pm to 6am or 6am to 6pm or other shift defined and approved by the Office of Early Childhood and Out of School Learning). The provider may not enroll more than their licensed capacity during either 12-hour shift. A child who needs care that would overlap during these shifts shall be assigned to both

What is late attendance in child care?

Late Attendance is defined as a payment request from a child care provider resulting from an incorrect payment for services provided. This must be submitted through the Provider Website for additional payment for a weekly, hourly or daily voucher when payment was less than the authorized subsidy and attendance was recorded inaccurately.

What is a CCR&R agency?

The Child Care Resource and Referral is an agency serving each Indiana County to help families make decisions about quality child care for their children. CCR&R agencies also offer various training opportunities and other business and child care resources to providers.

What is POS in child care?

The term to describe the process of electronically documenting a child’s attendance through the use of a Point of Service (POS) device located at the child care center, home or ministry.

What is a child care record?

An electronic or written record of child care provided which includes date and time of arrival and departure and has been verified by the parent/guardian for an identified period.

What is voluntary child care?

voluntary system which evaluates child care programs against specific criteria in areas of curriculum, health and safety, parent communication, and staff qualifications which has been validated by a nationally recognized early childhood organization or institution.

How to create a parent portal?

Student Management System- Parent Portal 1 You will simply need your students’ ID numbers, which appear on student report cards, interim reports, and the student’s printed schedule. 2 You can create a single, household Parent Portal account for all children at one time. 3 We take the security of our student data very seriously. Therefore, each household account will be verified by Clarkstown staff prior to the completion of your registration. In the event of inconsistent information, you will be contacted by mail to ensure the confidentiality of our verification request. 4 The Parent Portal is for parent access only . Students must NOT input student names or student email addresses. Doing so will disable the system. 5 Parent Portal approval process takes about 24 to 48 hours. Once the district has approved and activated the account and you have received a confirmation email, parents/guardians can sign in using the Username and Password that was created at the time of registration.

How long does it take for a parent portal to be approved?

Parent Portal approval process takes about 24 to 48 hours. Once the district has approved and activated the account and you have received a confirmation email, parents/guardians can sign in using the Username and Password that was created at the time of registration.