carmel college thornlands parent portal

by Abbey Hagenes 7 min read

What is the Carmel portal?

The Carmel Portal is an important resource for parents and caregiver’s to access whilst their child is attending the College. The portal has been put in place to strengthen our home/school links and to give you access to important information to have meaningful conversations around your child’s education at home.

Where is Carmel College Thornlands?

/  27.565639°S 153.267028°E  / -27.565639; 153.267028 Carmel College is a co-educational Catholic secondary college situated in Thornlands, Redland City in Queensland, Australia. Established in 1993 under Brisbane Catholic Education, the college is the only Catholic secondary college in the Redland City area.

When was Carmel College founded?

On 2 February 1993, Carmel College began operations with an enrolment of 80 students, 11 members of staff and four buildings. A liturgy was held in the pavilion area with students from the foundational four pastoral care classes being presented with special Carmel College badges.

Who is the principal and/or Deputy Principal of Carmel?

Carmel College's current administrative team consists of college Principal Stephen Adair, Deputy Principal Bree Brockenshire, Assistant Principal Religious Education Krystyna Baldwin, Assistant Principal Students Sian Burke, Assistant Principal Junior Curriculum Leree Mazzer and Assistant Principal Senior Curriculum James Taylor.


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What is pastoral care at Carmel College?

Carmel College's pastoral care system is based on the value and individualism of each student. This is based upon the colleges mission, ensuring that all students are encouraged in their spiritual, intellectual, emotional and social development.

What is Carmel College?

As a Catholic community, Carmel College engages in various social justice initiatives that enrich and better the lives of the members of the wider community. Through this, social justice events that promote the Gospel and the values of compassion, hope, justice, peace, charity and service are organised, including:

How many house groups are there at Carmel College?

Carmel College has five distinctive house groups, of which, students become part of for their time at the college. These houses compete against each other during inter-house athletics, swimming, and cross country events, as well as supplying a powerful community for all students to be a member of. Each group is represented by a colour, symbol, house motto and slogan and a house patron, who usually align with the college's mission and vision and those who have made a contribution to social justice.

What does the lighthouse on the college logo mean?

The college logo consists of a crimson oval with the image of a lighthouse on the inside. This oval represents the security of family and faith. The lighthouse is located on a green hill representing Mount Carmel, showing that students should be a beacon for others through leading by example in faith. In the top left corner, the glowing yellow cross represents Jesus, the focus of Catholic life. The stars on either side of oval represent the light the shines upon us, with the college motto " Let Your Light Shine " inscribed upon the bottom.