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by Mozell Kreiger Jr. 9 min read

How can I get updates from Camp Tecumseh?

Welcome, parents! While your child is at camp, you can come here to view photos, watch videos, and get other updates from Camp Tecumseh. You can also send an email to your camper. Learn about all of our changes and protocol to keep kids as safe and healthy as possible this summer: Summer Camp 2021.

How can I donate to Camp Abbey?

If you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation to the Archdiocese of New Orleans specifically for Camp Abbey, please contact the office at 985-327-7240. We have several needs, including the camper scholarship fund and upgrades to our facility.

How do I contact camptecumseh for information about allergies and dietary needs?

For information regarding allergens and dietary needs, please contact our Food Service Director, Danielle at, or 765-564-2898.


Q: Where can I find precamp information and required camper forms?

A: You can access all of this stuff on our family portal for parents / guardians once your camper’s registration is confirmed. The family portal (also called the Parent Dashboard) gives you 24/7 access to pre-camp information and all required forms.

Q: What else can I do to get my kids ready for summer camp?

A: Visit the American Camp Association parent website. The site has some great information and resources for families that will help you get your kids ready for any summer camp, including Camp Hobe’. Scroll down the page to “The Camp Resource for Families”

Q: What should my kids bring to summer camp with them?

A: Your post-registration information will include a general list of things that they should bring, as well as things that they should not bring. Please, please, please put their names on everything.

Q: What if my child gets homesick?

A: Every year, a few kids get homesick at summer camp. This is a normal part of being away from home. And, it’s part of growing up, as children gain independence and begin spending time away from their family. Camp may be very different from a child’s home environment – rooming with others and different food, for example.

Q: Will my children be able to call me from summer camp if they are homesick?

A: Usually not, although a staff person may call on their behalf. We have found that having children call home usually makes homesickness worse. If a child is very homesick, the camp staff may call you for the child. This lets the parent and staff person talk about the situation without upsetting the child.

How long is July Camp 2?

Length: 2 weeks. Sunday, July 18 - Friday, July 30. July Camp 2 is a great way to enjoy camp life in a two week time frame, all the while experiencing the energy and excitement through its overlap of Main Camp. This session is packed full of skills development, out-of-camp trips, and special evening programs.

How long is the 5th grade camp?

Grades: 5K-8th. Length: 2 weeks. Sunday, June 13 - Friday, June 25. This session is ideal for older, first-time campers or younger campers who want an experience longer than the one-week Adventure Camp.

Our Photo Philosophy

Are you curious about our workflow, or have questions about why we do what we do? From cabin pictures, to gallery upload times, we have the answers for you.

View the fun as it happens!

Our dedicated media staff does an outstanding job documenting the Tecumseh experience on a daily basis. Uploading new pictures multiple times per day, follow along with the Camp week by visiting our photo galleries. From the galleries you can also save pictures, and order prints of your favorite photos.

Recap Camp Tecumseh experiences

In addition to photos, our media team also puts together short videos throughout the week highlighting various aspects of the Tecumseh experience.

Baked Oatmeal Recipe

Baked Oatmeal is a Camp Tecumseh classic. Now you can make it at home following our recipe.

Allergy Information

For information regarding allergens and dietary needs, please contact our Food Service Director, Danielle at, or 765-564-2898.