burnt hills parent portal

by Zoie Kihn I 5 min read

Why choose Burnt Hills pediatrics and internal medicine?

Burnt Hills Pediatrics and Internal Medicine is a medical practice that provides quality and compassionate healthcare for patients of all ages. Our physicians are trained in Pediatrics and also "Med-Peds", or double board certified in Pediatrics and Internal Medicine.

How do I access a student’s information on the parent portal?

NOTE: To access a student’s information on the Parent Portal, the parent/guardian must be registered with the school district as part of the student’s household guardian list. The parent/guardian must also know the student’s ID number for access. It can be found on students’ printed schedules, progress reports, report cards, or transcripts.

How do I get help with the parent portal?

If you still need assistance, please contact Tracy Falvo at tfalvo@bhbl.org or 399-9141, ext. 85050. Once your account is activated, you can use the Parent Portal. To navigate the student portal, students must sign in with proper credentials. Username: Gmail prefix. (For example, if your Gmail is bsmith18@bhbl.net, then your username is bsmith18)

Why does bH-bL support parent and student portals?

This is one of the reasons BH-BL supports the Parent and Student Portals – to keep the parent-school connection open and thriving. Once you become a registered user of the Parent or Student Portals, users will be able to view attendance information by period, schedules, report card grades, progress reports and important dates and announcements.


Absences and Tardiness

Under the school attendance Laws of New York State, parents are responsible for their children’s regular attendance and punctuality. Legal reasons for absence include illness of a child, emergency illness in the family, death in the immediate family, inclement weather, medical appointment, approved school-sponsored trips and religious observances.

Student Behavior

Students, parents and school personnel must work together to ensure an orderly and pleasant learning environment. We encourage students to become more responsible for their own actions and to understand and accept the consequences of these actions.

Traffic & Litter on School Property

Safety on school roads and parking lots is a major concern as the use of our schools for community events continues to expand. All schools have clearly marked lanes, entrances and exits. Some school roads also have speed bumps. All drivers are asked to obey all signs, posted or painted traffic flow indicators, and parking indicators.


A printed district calendar is mailed to each BH-BL household in late August. Along with the school calendar, you will find information about building contacts, the Board of Education, daily schedules, bus routes and much, much more.


Please check the district website at www.bhbl.org often, especially the O’Rourke Middle School homepage. The website is a great information source for everything from bus routes to the Middle School Daily Announcements.

ESchool Parent Portal

The ESchool Parent Portal gives parents and students access to real-time information including attendance, grades and assignment descriptions. Students can use this tool to stay on top of assignments and parents are able to participate more fully in their student’s progress.

School Closings

When circumstances require that classes be canceled or delayed due to bad weather or an emergency, announcements are posted on our website at www.bhbl.org and on local TV stations. Announcements will normally first be given between 6:00 and 6:45 a.m.

BH-BL School News Notifier (SNN)

Please consider signing up for our “School News Notifier” email service through the website. SNN emails are currently the only means that the district is using to notify parents when the police inform us that a level 2 or level 3 sex offender has moved into our district.

Why should I get involved?

Research has shown that parents can increase a child’s academic success through their involvement with schools and communities. Parental involvement improves student morale, attitudes, and academic achievement across all subject areas. Even if you are not a parent, we encourage you to become involved within Parent University.

2021-22 School Year Events

This year the district has partnered with Building Better Futures founder Dr. Jennifer Bashant to bring families one-hour, monthly webinars focused around parents as partners.