bluefit swimming lane cove parent portal

by Prof. Uriah Gerhold PhD 5 min read

What is bluefit swim school at Lane Cove?

BlueFit swim school is now open at Lane Cove, offering lessons to people of all ages and abilities. The BlueFit Learn to Swim program at Lane Cove is specifically designed for children, with experienced and friendly swimming instructors guiding your child through their journey. 1.

Why choose bluefit swimming for make up lessons?

Easy to access make up lessons: BlueFit Swimming is proud to offer make-up lessons via the parent portal.... BlueFit Swimming aims to ensure that your family develops a love of the water and Live to Swim. My son takes swimming lessons there, we have received fantastic service, my son is learning how to swim and loving it.

What is the bluefit swimming program?

The BlueFit Swimming program consists of structured levels that cater for the hesitant beginner through to competitive swimmers. BlueFit Swimming aims to ensure that your family develops a love of the water and Live to Swim.

What if I want to cancel my bluefit swimming lessons?

If you wish to cancel your BlueFit Swimming lessons please provide written notice, TWO weeks prior to your next Direct Debit. Your registration fee is then used to cover your final two lessons. Once you have sent through your cancellation request, we do recommend calling us to confirm the cancellation has been received.


What is bluefit swimming?

Bluefit Swimming has a specific focus on water confidence and the basic skills of swimming. We have a strong emphasis on developing aquatic safety and developing the confidence of children in the aquatic environment.

Can you access the aquatic centre outside of a lesson?

You are able to access the aquatic centre outside of your lesson. This is a perfect opportunity to continue practicing what has been taught during the lesson so your child can progress through our levels.

Is bluefit swimming difficult?

THE BLUEFIT SWIMMING ADVANTAGE. Swimming is a difficult skill to master and through the learning steps your child may not always make significant progress. Occasionally children will plateau but this is not uncommon. Please be patient as your child learns and becomes confident in the water.