black river public school parent portal

by Dr. Chelsey Ward 8 min read

When will my student login to Black River public school?

Black River Public School students will receive their Campus Student login information during the first week of school. Student login information remains the same throughout their academic career at Black River. Parents, say hello to your newest sidekick. Parent engagement has a direct correlation to student success.

What is the Black River Infinite Campus Parent Portal?

The Black River Infinite Campus Parent Portal is a web-based student information system that allows parents/guardians and students to monitor registration, schedules, attendance, assignments, progress reports, lunch balances, school-related email messages, and much more!

What's new at the Black River parent organization?

The Black River Parent Organization is putting together its electronic Student/Family phone directory, a great resource for families! Submit your information and receive a PDF copy when it is published. Get involved! Infinite Campus has released two new and improved mobile apps: Campus Student (for students) and Campus Parent (for parents).

What is cap/lunch hour at Black River public school?

SENIORS-Black River Public School allows seniors in good academic and behavioral standing to have off-campus privileges for the CAP/lunch hour on the last school day of the week. On most school weeks this will fall on a Friday but can be on another day.


How many excused absences are there in Black River?

According to Black River Public School Policy, students have a limit of five excused absences per semester. These five absences allow for sporadic illness, doctor appointments, religious holidays, etc. Teachers will allow students to make up work upon their return for these five excused absences. Please note the following:

What is the code for arriving at school after 8:10?

Students arriving between 8:01-8:10 a.m. are coded TARDY/UNEXCUSED unless your student is sick or has a doctor note - Arrival after 8:10 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. the code is LATE ARRIVAL/UNEXCUSED OR EXCUSED. The school maintains a record of the number of minutes a student is in attendance and notes attendance comments with the reason for late arrival.

Is Black River Public School closed?

Black River Public School is a closed campus. Upperclassmen are allowed one lunch per year where they may leave campus during lunch/CAP time. This is usually reserved for a special celebration like birthdays, youth group lunch with the leader or senior lunch where a sibling is included and must be communicated on the attendance line by 9:00 a.m. Please leave the name of the youth group leader or parent that will be picking up your student. Students must arrive back on campus before class resumes or they will receive an unexcused tardy. Middle school and high school lunch/CAP hour sign-outs should be communicated in advance to the main office by calling the automated attendance line. Parents may not call in to excuse their underclassmen to participate in senior lunch privileges. Middle School/High School student walker or drivers must have permission before signing out to leave campus.