billericay school parent portal

by Camila Toy 10 min read

How do I login to the Billericay School App?

to login enter billericay\ yourschoolusername you may be prompted to log in multiple times on your first login The app will now open as if its installed on your local home computer you will have access to all of your school files and drives via the explorer app

What's happening at Billerica public schools in 2021?

What's Happening at Billerica Public Schools 2021 Billerica Summer Enrichment Program - for Students in Preschool/Kindergarten to 7th Grade Dates: WEDNESDAY, 6/23/21 to WEDNESDAY 07/28/21 (no program on Monday, July 5, 2021)

How do I connect to the school portal?

Click to download the relevant portal connection file ( if you cant find it check your downloads folder) Enter your school username and password to connect to the school portal Apple, Android and Chromebooks require the Microsoft Remote Desktop application to be installed in able to connect to the school portal


Can you update your campus portal?

However, you may update them at any time your information changes . You will receive a confirmation message in your Portal Inbox after they have been completed.

Can you update your email address on your parent portal?

Email address, phone numbers and emergency contact (s) may be added or revised through the Online Registration Update accessible through your Portal account. Revisions to addresses can only be made completing an Online Registration Update through your Parent Portal account and providing the supporting documents. Your address will be updated upon approval.