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by Mr. Doris Hayes 4 min read

What is the PowerSchool student portal?

PowerSchool Student Portal is a student friendly version of the Parent Portal allowing students in grades 6-12 access to their schedules, assignments/grades and attendance. Students have separate user accounts and log in using their AACPS username and password.

Do parents have access to student information on the Garnet gateway?

Parents who do not currently have access to student information on the Garnet Gateway, but who would like to have access to financial aid or other online records should talk with their students about having access granted. How do I grant access for my parent or other individual to see my financial aid information on the Garnet Gateway?

What are the working hours of the Bates office?

Our working hours are still 8am to 4:30pm Eastern. Any emails received will be responded to within one business day. We are also happy to meet with you—whether via Zoom or over the phone —within those times. Our toll-free line (1-888-522-8371) is monitored regularly. To keep your information up to date, contact with any changes.

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How to grant access to Bates account?

To grant access, go to the Garnet Gateway and click on the Authorize Account Access under the Account & Access menu. From here, you can select who should have access to your information and the types of information that you’d like that person to be able to view. Once you submit your selections, Bates will create a unique user ID and PIN that you will need to share with your authorized user. You should either provide this information to the person verbally, or you should send the user ID and PIN to them separately. For example, send the User ID by email and the PIN by text. (Never share your own personal Bates credentials with anyone.) You and your authorized user will also receive an email confirming the permissions you have enabled.

What is the process of allowing parents to view student information?

In order for parents to view their student’s information, the student must authorize access. The student has the ability to authorize access for all or a combination of his or her academic or financial aid information.

How to contact my parents about financial aid?

If your parents have questions concerning your financial aid, they can contact Student Financial Services at (207) 786-6096. If they have questions about your grades, academic holds, or transcript, they can contact the Office of the Registrar and Academic Systems at (207) 755-5949.

Who can access the Garnet Gateway?

Access can be granted to parents, step-parents, grandparents, or other individuals and can be established for all areas or limited to a particular area depending upon the student’s preferences, and can be updated at any time by the student. Parents who do not currently have access to student information on the Garnet Gateway, ...

What to do if your parent forgot your pin?

If your parent forgets a PIN, he or she can use the Forgot PIN feature on the login page. Your parent can enter his or her ID number , then click on Forgot PIN – the PIN can be changed after your parent responds to his or her security question. If this does not work, please ask your parent to contact Help Desk Services at (207) 786-8222.

How much is the Bates monthly payment plan?

There is a $55 nonrefundable fee per semester to enroll in a payment plan.

When is Bates payment notification sent?

Semester billing notification is sent on or around July 15 for the fall semester and November 15 for the winter semester; notification is also sent on a monthly basis to individuals with unpaid balances. Students are strongly encouraged to make sure their parents or other sponsors have access to the bill by providing access through the Bates Payment Portal. If a student doesn’t authorize a parent to have access to the bill, the student receives all billing notifications and assumes responsibility for payment.

When will Bates start billing in 2021?

Beginning in July, 2021 , all student account and billing information will be presented through the Bates Payment Portal. The portal, which is powered by Flywire, enables students and families to:

Does Bates deduct student loans?

Financial aid that has been awarded and anticipated proceeds from student and parent loans that have been certified by Bates are deducted from the balance due before any late fees are assessed. Students are encouraged to check their financial aid status on the Garnet Gateway to make certain that all financial aid requirements have been received.

Do Bates students need to log in to the payment portal?

Bates students should use their Bates credentials to log in to the payment portal. Parents and other payers who are currently authorized to view student account information in Garnet Gateway will be required to establish a new Flywire account when they first visit the portal.