bakersfield swim academy parent portal

by Eloy Bartoletti 7 min read

Parent & Me (30 Min)

Goals: Teach basic water safety to parent & child working towards independent activity without parent assistance.

Starfish (30 Min)

Goals Water safety, Plays well in water- no crying, follows directions, safely waits for turn.

Jellyfish (45 Min)

Goals: Correctly use proper stroke techniques for all strokes and improve stamina.

Jellyfish Elite (60 Min)

Goals: The aim at this level is to prepare our swimmers for competitive swimming including Club level, High school and other at the highest standard.

Swim Fit & Swim Fit Elite

The Swim Fit classes offered to our swimmers to allow an opportunity for conditioning.

A Welcome From our Founder

Welcome to Bakersfield Swim Academy where our motto is "From Infants to Olympians". Making the 2004 Olympic Team and earning a Bronze Medal as part of the 4x100 Freestyle Relay was a tremendous joy and blessing.

A History of BSA

Gabe and Staci Woodward founded Bakersfield Swim Academy in the summer of 2012 in hopes of sharing their love for swimming with the surrounding community. As an Olympic Bronze Medalist, a 4x All American Athlete, a former Swim Team Captain for USC, and a father of 4 young children, Gabe’s passion for swim lessons reaches far beyond water safety.