bais chaya mushka parent portal

by Ara Witting 7 min read

Why do students come to Beit Chaya Mushka?

Often, students come to Beit Chaya Mushka because they heard about its wonderful reputation as a result of siblings or friends who learned at the school. The students at the school truly understand one another.

Where is Beit Chaya Mushka?

Beit Chaya Mushka is a homey and warm school located in Kiryat Shmuel, Haifa. Naale students comprise around 20% of the 250 students at the high school. Local Israeli Chabad girls attend the school from area communities like Hadera and Caesaria up through Ma’alot in the north of Israel.

What is a Madricha?

Each home has a madricha (counselor) and an em bayit (dorm mother) to whom students or parents can turn for guidance or help at any time. Each home also has an equipped kitchen, a common area for eating and recreation, a piano, and laundry machines for students to use.

What is Ruchniyut in Beit Chaya Mushka?

Ruchniyut, or vibrant spirituality, is what truly drives the school’s values. Beit Chaya Mushka students have the values of Chabad strongly inculcated within them. They come from different places, but they are united by their desire for a comprehensive education according to the principles of Chabad chassidut.

Is Beit Chaya Mushka a family?

At Beit Chaya Mushka, individual classes are not separate entities. Rather, the school functions like a large family in which everyone interacts with one another in a natural and friendly way. Classes intermingle and the atmosphere is one of bonding and friendship. Every student at Beit Chaya Mushka feels beloved and welcome.

Is Beit Chaya Mushka a Chabad school?

Beit Chaya Mushka is geared towards daughters of Israeli and Hebrew speaking shluchim. The staff and students are Hebrew speakers, making the school suitable for Chabad students who already possess a strong Hebrew background. Academic help is provided as needed.