bahs parent portal

by Prof. Jedediah Heaney 10 min read

What is the parent portal?

Parent Portal is a complete on-line system which allows the parent access to their student’s information including, but not limited to, student schedules, grades, discipline, and attendance. Yearly student information updates are done in the Parent Portal.

How do I update student information in the parent portal?

Yearly student information updates are done in the Parent Portal. Please update contact information and phone numbers for students. If you need to make an address change, you must take your address proofs to the school and they will approve the address.

What does Bahs stand for?

Anglican Bishop of Trinidad and Tobago Welcome to the epic that is The Bishop Anstey High School (BAHS), a concept of the visionary Bishop Arthur Henry Anstey established in 1921.



The purpose of Bel Air High School is to educate and empower students to experience personal success and positively impact their community.


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School Data

Demographics & Assessments The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) provides school-by-school information on demographics and assessments on This site is updated annually as data becomes available.

What is the Anglican school motto?

The school’s motto “non sine pulvere palman” (translated as “not without dust the palm”) is a message of the necessity of struggle on the path towards excellence; a motto that not only speaks to the Anglican Church’s own struggles and triumphs, but the struggles and triumphs of our nation as a whole.

What is Bishop Anstey High School?

Hilary's) is a rigorous, yet stimulating and supportive learning environment for girls that seeks to empower every student to achieve harmony through the full development of her intellectual, spiritual and physical potential.

What is Bishop Anstey High School known for?

Music. The Bishop Anstey High School is well known for its musical achievements. Over the years, we have had several very successful choirs and individuals, at both junior and senior levels, who sing folk, traditional and religious songs and calypsoes.

Is Bishop Anstey an Anglican school?

Bishop Anstey High School is an Anglican institution and , as such, we expect our students to play as full a part as possible in the religious life of the School.