amhs parent portal

by Dr. Matilde Kunze 9 min read

What is the AMHS learning portal?

The AMHS learning portal is an internal website intended to provide training and training information to new staff members of the Alaska Marine Highway System (AMHS).

Why choose AMHS?

We are so proud of our students and staff. Go Raptors! The mission of AMHS is to challenge each student, teacher, and parent with the highest expectations of a rigorous curriculum, and to provide a learning environment that prepares students for college and future careers.

How do I contact the MHS campus portal?

** Welcome to the 2021-22 school year! ** Parent and/or Sponsors with questions or who need assistance with the MHS Campus Portal, please contact (copy/paste this address into your email) MHS Staff and students who need assistance with the Campus/Student Portal, please contact

What is AMHS policy on absences and Tardy arrivals?

AMHS reserves the right to discipline students for absences and tardy arrivals including, but not limited to, reprimand, detention, suspension, or expulsion. Such action is in the discretion of the school. All students who would like to park on campus must purchase a parking permit. Parking is currently full at this time.


Welcome to Archbishop Thomas J. Murphy High School

Archbishop Thomas J. Murphy High School is a Catholic, college preparatory school that welcomes students of all faiths. True to the spirit of the gospel, Archbishop Murphy nurtures the full development of the gifts that God has given to each student, fosters service as an outgrowth of faith, and values diversity.


"Murphy Pride is having the courage to do something right when no one else will."