ais parent portal

by Mr. Rylan Anderson MD 4 min read

How do I access the parent portal?

Go to https://austinisd. us001-rapididentity. com/ to access the Parent Portal. If you do not have a Parent Portal Account, you can register for one online. The Parent Portal serves as the primary resource for all of the services provided online to our parents.

What is the engage Parent Portal?

The Engage Parent Portal enables a child’s mother, father and guardians to check school reports, attendance, upcoming events and extra-curricular activities from any internet connected device. Access to and control of child information by parent or guardian.

Where can I find more information about AIS?

The AIS website is the best port of call for all general information from our policies to curriculum links, calendars, canteen, uniform shop details and more.


Parent Self Serve

This system provides access to your child's attendance and grades. If you have more than one child enrolled in AISD, only register once to gain access to all of your children.

Student Self Serve

This system provides access to attendance and grades for all students. Students will use their district-issued user id and password to access SSS. All students who are currently enrolled in AISD are automatically setup for an SSS account.