abacus parenta portal

by Mrs. Aaliyah Morissette I 4 min read


Abacus Nursery Management Software holds your data securely online, with password protected access 24/7 from any computer connected to the internet. Find out more about the modern way to handle child records, and streamline your nursery administration here. Abacus support team are the Three Musketeers!

What is Abacus nursery management software?

All the personal data you hold will be protected against loss, damage and unauthorised access with Abacus, allowing you to safeguard each child’s personal information, 24/7. From staff scheduling to holiday planning and more, it does it all!

How does abacus protect my personal data?

Abacus support team are the Three Musketeers! Some great feedback from an Abacus user, highlighting Parenta's commitment to customer service. "Abacus has become a bible and work sheet master plan at my Nursery. I went both feet in and had no plan B and I have never looked back!

Who are abacus support team?

The system ensures all data is stored safely and securely in line with GDPR guidelines, which should be a top priority for any business, giving you peace of mind. Invoiced through Abacus in 2018. Invoiced through Abacus across all time. Speedy invoicing can save you days.

Why choose abacus for your invoicing?


What is Parenta and Abacus?

It is a very clever and flexible tool, which helps us with day to day management of the nurseries, but also with forward planning.

What is Abacus childcare?

. Super Quick Invoicing. Abacus includes childcare billing software, which allows parents to receive their invoices straight to their inbox.

What is a parent portal?

Parent Portal gives parents lets them keep track of the nursery finances; and enables them to request important changes to their child’s medical circumstances – online and on mobile phone!

Can you invoicing through Abacus?

Using our nursery software, you’ll be able to speed up your billing process by invoicing all your parents in a matter of minutes. Yes, minutes! It even manages your payments and track debt.