a grade ahead parent portal

by Jaqueline Stiedemann II 10 min read

Does a grade ahead online have an app?

A Grade Ahead Online does not have an app. The interactive activities are accessed through a website with a dashboard for each student. Do parents still need to grade their children’s work and enter them into the Parent Portal? All of the online activities will be automatically graded and parents will not need to grade anything.

What are parents saying about a grade ahead?

A Grade Ahead Enrichment at Home Parent “A Grade Ahead is challenging, empowering, and encouraging. Because of this program, my son has confidence and the strength needed to succeed in his education!” R.G., A Grade Ahead Enrichment at Home Parent “My son loves both math & English! A Grade Ahead keeps education fun but interesting.” Arti M.,

What makes a grade ahead different from other programs?

Unlike other repetitive tutoring programs, A Grade Ahead’s after-school math and English enrichment lessons and worksheets emphasize progression over time and encourage the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

How do I view my student’s A grade ahead online reports?

A series of reports are available on your student’s A Grade Ahead Online dashboard. To access, use your student’s login and password. You will be able to drill down into all of your student’s activities to see his or her scores, the amount of time each set of activities took, how many activities were completed and more.


What is a grade ahead?

A Grade Ahead is using lessons taught by teachers or parents that include practice problems on paper along with a website using interactive online activities.

What happens when you cancel a grade ahead online?

At that point, their access to A Grade Ahead Online will be terminated.

Better than tutoring, this is educational enrichment

Fundamental and critical thinking skills to keep students learning every week.

How It Works

Getting ahead in today’s world can be tough. It is not enough to have a basic understanding of concepts, and rote memorization will only get you so far. That’s why at A Grade Ahead (formerly known as MathWizard), your child will work to achieve a deep understanding of educational concepts and learn how to think critically and problem solve.