a grade a head parent portal

by Zachariah Lakin 7 min read

How to check grades on the parent portal?

What type of information can I access through Parent Portal?

  • Student enrollment Families of students enrolled on the last day of school for 2021 will enroll their students for the 2021-22 school year through Parent Portal
  • Schedule Review schedule from anywhere, at any time
  • Attendance Review attendance events in summary and detail form. ...
  • Assignments Yes, you can finally know what your student is studying! ...

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How do you activate Parent Portal?

Portal has been replaced with a new parent portal application called ParentVUE. To access ParentVUE, parents will need to activate a new parent portal account. In order to activate your account, MCPS parents will receive an account activation letter that includes a unique Activation Key or URL necessary for setting up a ParentVUE account.

How to access grades in Parent Portal?

and other information about their students. For grades, click the "Login to Gradebook" button on the portal dashboard. If you have never logged into Parent Portal, you must create your parent portal account first. Please include your student's name, ID number and campus.

How to change parent portal grades?

Tuesday 03/24/2015

  • Login to Infinite Campus Parent Portal.
  • Click the SLDS Portal button at the bottom of the list on the left side of the student's age.
  • After clicking the SLDS Portal button, the Parent Portal Welcome Page will open.


What is a grade ahead?

A Grade Ahead is using lessons taught by teachers or parents that include practice problems on paper along with a website using interactive online activities.

What happens when you cancel a grade ahead online?

At that point, their access to A Grade Ahead Online will be terminated.