2019 istep parent portal

by Axel Gibson PhD 7 min read

How do I get my ISTEP results?

The Parent Portal, via ISTEP testing vendor Pearson, can be accessed using a standard web browser and visiting results.pearsonaccessnext.com. Adults must sign up for an account, login and enter the student's claim code. You will see your child's score and performance level: Did Not Pass, Pass or Pass+.

What happens if you dont pass math ISTEP?

Students who don't pass ISTEP can instead receive a waiver after retaking it every year or fulfill their diploma requirements by completing a graduation pathway, which gives students options such as taking dual credit courses or earning an industry-recognized certification.

Does Indiana still use ISTEP?

Indiana withdrew from the consortium of other states in 2013 after a backlash aimed at Common Core soured lawmakers on the program. It moved away from the Common Core a year later. The state signed a $38 million contract with Pearson for the past two years of ISTEP testing.

Who takes ISTEP in Indiana?

All students in grades 3 through 8 and high school sophomores took the ISTEP+ each spring, with language arts and math covered in each test. Additionally, students in grades 4 and 6 were tested in science and 5 and 7 on social studies.

Is Istep mandatory in Indiana?

As part of No Child Left Behind, Indiana students are also required to participate in the ISTEP Science assessment, but the Science assessment is not part of the graduation exam requirement.

Can parents opt out of state testing in Indiana?

The State of Indiana does not currently support (or recognize) an opt-out policy. However, if a parent chooses to keep their child home from testing, there are no consequences or penalties applied to the student.

When did Istep testing start in Indiana?

1987ISTEP, or Indiana State Testing for Educational Progress, was created by an act of the legislature in 1987 and now includes math and English tests administered annually in grades 3 to 8.

What is the point of ISTEP?

The purpose of the Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress Plus (ISTEP+) program is to measure student achievement in the subject areas of English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

What is ISTEP out of?

The ISTEP+ exams are a bit tricky for grading because they are graded based on a pattern scale of correctly answered questions and difficulty of questions. The test scores range from 100-400, but each subject matter has differing minimum passing scores.

Is Ilearn the same as ISTEP?

ILEARN is a computer-adaptive assessment, while ISTEP is a fixed form, Minihan said. When students took ISTEP last year, they answered all the same test questions. ILEARN allows students' answers to impact what question is asked next.

What is the highest score on Ilearn?

ILEARN results are reported in scaled scores that describe each student's location on an achievement continuum ranging from approximately 5060 to 5920 for ELA and 6080 to 6950 for math and using four achievement levels: Below Proficiency, Approaching Proficiency, At Proficiency, and Above Proficiency.

What standardized test does Indiana use?

Indiana will use the SAT® (provided by College Board) to fulfill requirements listed in Indiana Code 20-32-5.1-7(d) for high school accountability. Students may also use scores to fulfill some high school graduation requirements. SAT assesses high school Mathematics, Reading, and Writing standards in grade 11.

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When will the parent portal reopen?

All student results will reflect any submitted rescore requests and be “final” when the Parent Portal reopens on July 26, the letter states.

When can I request a rescore in Indiana?

The window for parents to request a rescore is now through June 22. A rescore can be requested through the Indiana Department of Education ISTEP+ Parent Portal. Rescore requests will not be accepted after June 22.